About AlliedBarton

Company Police

AlliedBarton Company Police are certified, sworn law enforcement officers in North Carolina with the arrest powers of municipal police officers. Company Police patrol and enforce the law and provide the same services within territorial jurisdiction as do municipal law enforcement officers.

AlliedBarton Company Police officers have completed and passed state mandated

law enforcement training and certification standards. As AlliedBarton security professionals, all Company Police must also complete additional field training with

an AlliedBarton veteran training officer, AlliedBarton basic training and courses including:

  • Terrorism awareness
  • Driver training
  • CPR/First Aid/AED training and certification


Site-specific training includes specialized courses focused on providing individualized preparedness to our officers, designed specifically for the markets they serve.


The AlliedBarton Company Police was created to fill a need for dedicated police service. In some areas, local Police Departments simply do not have the level of staffing to provide the dedicated police officers desired by private organizations like hospitals, housing communities, and others.


The State of North Carolina passed Statute 74E to help lessen the burden on local municipalities by providing regulations for private police certification. The AlliedBarton Company Police force maintains strict adherence to requirements of Statute 74E and other state laws to ensure proper training, certification, and qualifications for each of its officers. AlliedBarton Company Police are supervised by Chief Robert Qualkenbush and currently serve in transit system, residential community and healthcare environments.












A Message From

Chief Qualkenbush


Welcome from the AlliedBarton Company Police in North Carolina.


AlliedBarton’s Company Police force includes a full scale and full service police operation employing sworn police officers. Our officers have sworn to serve and protect and, as a division of AlliedBarton, we have all made a pledge to maintain the company’s core purpose:


To serve and secure the people, homes and businesses of our communities.


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